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We are revolutionizing SME lending using AI and machine learning.

We believe that every business should have hassle-free and fair access to capital that enables them to meet their growth aspirations.  That is why we are disrupting credit underwriting and designing technology solutions to power business growth for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

As a fintech company, we are building a credit lending platform powered by our proprietary artificial- intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. Our goal is to create a more inclusive, accessible, digital-first and frictionless customer journey where every business can get quicker access to growth capital.


The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred governments to support SMEs with loan guarantees, but resilient businesses still need capital to bounce back stronger.   Using our AI-generated credit scores, through the analysis of hundreds of alternative data points, we are changing the way companies are assessed and funded during these challenging times.

How We Work

As a borrower, when you make a loan application, the simplicity of your journey hides the underlying sophistication of what we have built.

Our platform is unparalleled in its credit-assessment approach. The platform seamlessly assimilates data digitally into the client’s self-help application journey. The electronic cash-flow information from the SMEs can include — bank account records, feeds from accounting software, and transaction information from e-commerce platforms and payment processors. All of these help us understand our customers’ businesses better and create unique credit scores for each of our SME borrowers.


When there is less credit history to support credit underwriting, that’s when our revolutionary AI algorithms step in.

We gather and analyze hundreds of data points to understand credit repayment behaviors, patterns and trading histories. Our cutting-edge technology enables accurate analysis, more intelligent underwriting, better risk management and early-warning signals for efficient and ongoing monitoring.

What makes us your choice for the future?​


We didn’t want to reconstruct or digitize the credit underwriting process. We wanted to reimagine it, and now we have revolutionized it.

Unlike other lending platforms, we don’t match peers-to-peers. We are a single-point decision-maker, from the moment of onboarding to risk assessment and the execution of loans.

Our borrower onboarding experience is at the forefront of our innovation. By visually mapping out the end-to-end journey, we make it intuitive for SMEs to get started with the pre-approval processing on our platform. We complemented our end-to-end solution with transparent fees and charges.


We are also redefining private credit as an asset class. Our platform creates transparency for investors like Impact Funds, Institutional Investors, and Family Offices.

Our technology allows us to mitigate threats and analyze risk factors way ahead of the traditional financing system. In turn, our data insights and reporting will give the investors the needed transparency and peace of mind.

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